Business Structuring

Structural decisions should not be taken lightly. It is important to establish the right tax structure that not only best suits your ongoing business operations but also factors in considerations to your long-term plans. There are alternative legal structures to house your business operation; each option contains pros and cons that need to be understood before the most appropriate selection is made.

Do you know what all the taxation and compliance implications are when you are considering the legal structure of your business operations or future investments?

  • Costs of setting up new legal structures and associated ongoing compliance costs
  • Taxation of income and flexibility to distribute profits and capital, access to taxation concessions and recoupment of losses (if applicable)
  • Legal obligations of all parties involved (differentiating between legal/equitable ownership) and personal liabilities that may or may not be at risk
  • Tax registrations and other licencing required;
  • Future changes in ownership (admission of new parties; also requirements on exiting and succession planning considerations);

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The Australian tax legislation system is a difficult landscape to navigate due to its complexity and ongoing changes. Few businesses have the in-house expertise to deal with such issues in a cost-effective, timely manner. For many businesses, dealing with compliance issues involves a significant drain on time and resources and, as a result exposes them to a higher degree of tax risk.

Working with Aspen Corporate can reduce the burden on key personnel within your business. We will provide the right advice up front, which can make a significant difference.

We provide a full range of taxation compliance services for every type of taxpayer. Our taxation advisors are able to offer comprehensive advice based on a wealth of knowledge and experience.

This advice may include:

  • Taxation including Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax, 
  • Fringe Benefits Tax, 
  • GST,
  • PAYG, 
  • Payroll Tax 
  • ATO Audits & Disputes
  • Land Tax and Stampduty (utilising our network)

We attend to all dealings with the Australian Taxation Office ensuring that your affairs are in order and that your tax position is optimized.  




There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. While we can’t do anything in relation to the first, with a bit of planning there are strategies that can be put in place to legally minimise tax. Taxation planning should be an ongoing tool that if used correctly will assist you in making informed business and investment decisions and when structured correctly can help manage and minimise future taxation liabilities.

It is important that the planning is undertaken before the decision is required to be made as hasty and ill-considered responses can lead to the wrong outcomes. 

We at Aspen Corporate believe that planning is the cornerstone of success and considering the alternatives in every decision can only provide greater guidance to make the most informed decisions.

Some significant opportunities for tax planning may arise in circumstances listed below: 

  • When you buy or sell a business
  • When you buy or sell investments
  • When you pay out or enter into new loans
  • Salary sacrifice and superannuation, including Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)
  • Restructuring a business or investments

Making the wrong decision may result in taxation being paid where it may have been possible to reduce or defer the amount or eliminate it entirely.




Are you getting the regular updates and support you need when it comes to your personal or business taxation affairs? The complexity of our Australian tax legislation system is a difficult landscape due to ongoing changes in the governing laws. It is critical that you engage in effective risk management of your organisation's taxation obligations to ensure you comply with all your statutory requirements.

The right advice upfront can make a significant difference to your bottom line and avoid penalties for non-compliance.

We understand that taxation is cost to you and your business; so we actively pursue opportunities to mitigate your tax exposure through timely solutions and effective risk management strategies. Our taxation team offers comprehensive advice based on a wealth of knowledge and experience to develop tax strategies to support our clients' current and long term goals.

We offer a full range of taxation services for every type of taxpayer. Our clients include private individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies.

Taxation experts, delivering the results you deserve.





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